About Us

We are Sarah & Jose, a fun - young married couple from Puerto Rico living in Orlando, Florida. We love to travel and eat! Our philosophy is very simple: enjoy everything that life has to offer, explore and try new things and what better way to do that than traveling and 'eating' the world inside and out!
"Travel is about discovery and exploration". Through our travels we discovered that you don't truly get to know a country just by seeing the popular & historical sites. You need to become one of the locals and you can do that by eating what they eat, drinking what they drink, going to the places they go. Then you will get to know the heart that moves that place you are visiting.

We hope you join us and embark on this delicious journey!

For more info you can contact us at info@funeatsandtravels.com

To purchase any of our photos, please visit http://500px.com/Jose_M_Perez

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