A very unique Farmers Market

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Sao Paulo is one of my favorite foodie cities in the world. Is like NYC, a melting pot of cultures and food: Italian, Japanese, Brazilian and more. Food heaven! 

In one of my recent trips to Sao Paulo I had the opportunity of going to one of the city’s many farmers markets. In the heart of Jardins, one of the most secure and exclusive areas of the city, every Sunday morning local vendors get together to showcase their products (fruits, veggies, flowers, cheese, seafood and meat). There were things that I have never seen before in my life… I was fascinated! 

One of the most interesting looking things that I saw there was this reddish fuchsia and weirdlooking fruit that was split open in half for you to see the inside with all the black seeds. Its name is the Dragon Fruit. And I admit it, I was too afraid to try it since nobody could explain to me what it was and what it tasted like. I could blame it on my broken Portuguese for not understanding and passed on it. Hopefully I will get the guts to taste it.

At the market I saw a lot of different cheeses that are made in Brazil like Catupiry (my favorite!), it is soft and creamy deliciousness. The market has a kiosk that sells empanadas and coxinhas, made from shredded chicken and spices enclosed in wheat flour batter and deep fried. I love them! 

Like we have mentioned before, to truly experience and know the country that you are visiting, do what the locals do. Si if you go to Sao Paulo, that I really hope you have the chance at least once in your lifetime, be sure to visit this wonderful little market at Lorena Street (one block from Oscar Freire, Sao Paulo’s own Fifth Avenue). You won’t be disappointed!

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