Hot dogs Hawaiian Style

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We are getting ready for our long overdue honeymoon in Hawaii… and during our research of places to go, things to do and of course where to eat, we discovered a restaurant called Puka Dog, which has several establishments around the islands.

So what is a puka dog? Let’s start with the meaning of puka… it means hole… and dog is for hot dog… The hot dog instead of being sandwiched in a hot dog bun like they are usually done, they are inside a  sweet Hawaiian bread that it’s filled with unique sauces like mango, pineapple and more… It sounds kind of weird right?

That’s what we thought too… Until a co-worker suggested that we should check out a similar establishment in Orlando. And we did and we can say that although the hot dog experience is indeed different it also is very delicious.

Kona Dog, known before as Hula Dog, is located in the middle of International Drive, the popular and long stretch filled with hotels, restaurants and attractions near SeaWorld and the Premium Outlets. Is a hole in a wall kind of place, small but very easy to spot. It is near Wet ‘n Wild, a Congo River Mini Golf course and a Twistee Treat Ice Cream place. It is also decorated with colorful surfboards that will transport you to a beach and will help you imagine that you are eating at a beach shack instead of in the middle of International Drive.

Kona Dog - I Drive, Orlando

When you get there, be ready to order and pay in cash, no credit or debit cards accepted. First, you need to let them know your choice of meat: hot dog, spicy sausage or veggie dog. Then you need to choose between Hawaiian fruit sauces (mango and pineapple are the most traditional ones) and the tropical mustards where again, mango and pineapple are suggested. All is served with a Hawaiian Garlic Lemon Sauce that complements the taste buds.

Hula Dog with garlic lemon sauce, mango sauce and mango mustard.

Of course, you can also order none of the above and go with the classic ketchup and mustard. It will still be different and delicious since the sweet bread makes everything better.

So if you are in the area and want to try something new and different, be sure to give Kona Dog a chance. Kona Dog website

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