The importance of food when traveling

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“Cuisine is the motor for rebuilding our identity, our independence” Peruvian Chef Gaston Acurio, CondéNast Traveler July 2011, page 72
Lately, more and more travelers are planning their vacations or trips around food. Yes food!!!
Bars to have a signature drink, re-known chefs’ restaurants, hole in a wall eateries and restaurants with a view are now on the must do list of seasoned and newbie travelers. Food is now as important as going to a museum, park or coliseum. Hooray!

Proof of that are the blogs – like ours – that are combining travel with food and mainstream media like the popular and recognized Condé Nast Traveler, one of our favorite travel magazines. They not only have articles about food and where to eat when vacationing, they actually dedicate their cover to, you guessed it, food.

Tamboo Beside The Pointe, PR
Photo by Condé Nast traveler
The Condé Nast Traveler July 2011 edition now on the stands dedicated their cover to “A world of food”. It includes articles like ‘29 beach shacks we love in the Caribbean’ (Tamboo Beside the Pointe in our own Puerto Rico!), ‘12 meals to remember in Asia’, ‘Hottest Flavors in the Hemisphere – Peru’ and a ‘new gourmet paradise in England’. Plus they also listed their ‘20 sizzling bars in the world top cities’.
One of my favorite articles from this edition is called ‘Let’s Dish’ – 18 globetrotting foodies on their favorite feats.  Martha Stewart, Manolo Blahnik and one of my favorite designers Michal Kors, among others,  talk about what their favorite meals are and where they had them (Ravioli caprese at La Fontelina in Capri – Kors!).
There’s another section where they asked their contributors what your favorite food souvenir is. Mine, I have too many … coffee from Colombia, wine from Italy, cachaza from Brazil, saffron from Spain…  for a long time I have made the point of getting something related to food wherever I go and it has paid off, big time!
So I ask you friends and readers the following questions:
1)      What has been your favorite food souvenir?
2)      Where did you have your favorite meal and where?
3)      Name a restaurant that you would love to go back
Hope to hear your delicious answers! In the meantime, I leave you with one of my second favorite quotes from this month’s edition:
“I have always equated the glamour if travel with the eternal joys of a good meal”, Adam Platt, restaurant critic, New York Magazine

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